6 Tips on How to Choose an SEO Content Writing Agency

Content Writing is not a huge deal in the era of AI, as we have surface level surfaced many people about how much they know about content writing. You won’t believe they were like, ChatGPT, Copilot, and other cool AIs like Quillbot exist, so businesses can easily give instructions, and writing agencies are not in any need. But the funny thing is, they miss the point of how Google’s top-notch search works or what the latest Google algorithm is! So, can we now move forward and understand simultaneously how a writing agency works and how we can choose the high-end SEO friendly content writing services for the growth of our business? Let’s start now!  Ask yourself 8 questions before you sign up for an SEO writing service.

1-Do they provide On-Page SEO?

If you don’t know what an on-page SEO is, you want to know that it’s a technique that optimizes your personalized web pages with an absolute focus on user-friendly elements, keywords, and content quality. So, any good content writing agency should provide you with an on-page SEO service for the very needs of your business.

2-Off Page SEO:  Do they care about Google exposure?

You know what, it’s a red flag if the writing agency you chose gives you fake promises, you can build websites only through Google exposure and SEO services. Well, that’s a blatant lie. Google also cares about your offline presence.

You have to be careful about improving your online presence through motives that are outside of the webpage. If your writing agency talks about social media marketing and link-building then consider it a green flag and go ahead, you’re in good hands.

3-What do they do for technical SEO things?

Technical SEO is nothing but you want to know how your website responds like its speed even in the mobile version. SEO friendly content writing services from us, ensures that your website content is properly optimized with targeted keywords.

Your chosen writing agency should consider aspects like site responsiveness to improve search engine indexing and crawling.

4-Know about Local SEO

You know you want to focus on more your local business, that’s how you can globalize someday if your luck supports you enough. But hey! Your luck needs some enhancing elements too.

So, you would want tailored strategies to work on the visibility of your local ventures in location-based searches.

Ask your writing agency what strategies they have for the local SEO thing.

5- Do they have a voice search optimization (VSO) technique?

Hold up! Work with a writing agency that cares about modifying voice-based searched things with relevant content and conversational keywords. SEO friendly content writing services not only imply adding keywords meaningfully, but it also encompasses optimizing your content for voice search.

So, ensure to ask them if their SEO services include VSO services for better improvement of your site rankings.

6- What’s a content SEO and why it’s important for your site?

You may have gotten tired of hearing advertised sentences like work with a firm that prioritizes the making of high-end, trendy, and useful content aligned with business and customer intent.

But, what exactly is that? How to know you’re getting high-end SEO-based write-ups?

Well, first you have to know how plagiarism and AI-based content can drastically negatively affect your site's ranking. Google and other search engines work in a way, that you constantly need to update your write-ups and add something new and relevant to your content. Instagram is such a place where you might take the same trendy song and rhythm to its algorithm. But in Google’s case, you must adhere to its algorithm updates as well as nullify the plagiarism thing as much as you can.

What’s wrong with plagiarism? Well, Google interprets information, if it sees the same information, it can blacklist a website and prioritize the original content. Hence, you should always go for the SEO friendly content writing services, that provides unique content without any duplicity.

What can go wrong with AI-based write-ups? AI can be your best friend in some cases but not always. You may ask AI to give you some insights or ideas on certain topics. But if you use AI to blatantly paraphrase your content; you’re not adding anything new to the content. Also, remember AI lacks emotion. To grow ventures, many professionals focus on empathy. Your content should look like a human is talking and giving insights into it. Honestly, if AI could do all these, there wouldn’t be any writing agency.


A good SEO writing agency takes care of all of the pointers as we said. They make strategies to make your website grow.

With a quality SEO writing agency, you’ll not only take care of your local SEO rankings but also all the above-mentioned SEO must-haves! Are you in search of an SEO writing agency that does it all? Well, we’d highly recommend you go with Scribble Masters LLP. Top of everything they are even equipped with Ecommerce SEO and Mobile SEO.