Article Types You Should Know Before Choosing a Service: From Opinions to Research Findings 

An ideal article should encompass explanatory, persuasive, or instructive content that is fundamentally non-fiction. The demand for creating high-quality article writing for publications is stronger than ever, with specialty publications, businesses, travel agencies, news outlets, and entrepreneurs all requiring quality articles. In today's competitive landscape, effective article writing is essential to accomplishing your goals on your terms. Before engaging even with a high quality article writing services, it's wise to research the various types of article writing styles. 

Why? Understanding these nuances will enable you to select the perfect service tailored to your specific needs. 

Before committing to a writing service, ensure you have a clear understanding of the details. We can't underestimate the importance of delivering quality article writing service when the need arises. Quality content not only enhances your Google search ranking but also keeps your audience engaged with valuable insights.

In this post, you'll discover different types of article writing formats to help you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, when hiring high quality article writing services, make sure they offer the following article-writing services. Let's dive in!

1-Opinion/Editorial (Op-Ed) Article 

When crafting an opinion article, it's crucial to avoid sounding robotic or mechanical. Instead, employ your critical thinking skills to infuse your writing with depth and personality. Your perspective should be subjective, reflecting your unique viewpoint. Aim to captivate your audience with persuasive writing techniques, effectively conveying the author's standpoint. Opinion editorials can incorporate expert opinions, anecdotes, and personal experiences to bolster the arguments presented. Our specialization is in creating high quality article writing services.

2-Travel Article 

Travel articles are a gateway to discovering destinations, offering readers valuable insights into attractions, regional culture, and journey recommendations. When crafting a travel article, ensure it's vibrant with vivid descriptions, helpful recommendations, and personal anecdotes. This approach not only entices readers but also influences them to consider visiting the featured destination. Plus, quality article writing services can boost your ranking in Google search results.

3-Feature Article 

When composing a feature article, strive to explore the topic thoroughly. Offer background information, delve into deeper analysis, and incorporate a human-interest perspective. Feature articles should be crafted with a compelling storyline, providing audiences with a thorough understanding of the subject matter. And all these are done under our high-quality article writing services.

4-Technical Article

You’ll require a technical article writing structure when you want to traffic from specialized people on the subject matter. These articles generally delve into complex subjects. In technical writing or high quality article writing services, it's important to weave together technology, industry-specific subjects, and science in a way that keeps readers engaged and able to grasp the content easily. 


When you simply want to list down your sayings, listicle is the format you want. It generally has a high readability score and has become one of the most popular ways to write things on the internet. For example, you’ll probably see listicles on "Top 10 Books to Read on Romance" or "5 Secrets to Healthy And Glowing Skin." 

Listicles are widely recognized for their scannable and easy-to-follow structure, and our quality article writing service also includes these.

6-News Article 

The term "news article" itself suggests it's a form of journalistic writing primarily focusing on current events. These articles typically provide essential details about the topic, including who's involved, what occurred, when it happened, where it took place, and why it's significant.

News articles and high quality article writing services cover facts concisely and objectively. It usually follows the inverted pyramid structure. For example, you have to give all the crucial information at the top.

7-Profile Article

Profile articles give an idea about a particular person or a group. It outlines their contributions, achievements, and lives. When writing a profile article, try to include personal anecdotes and interviews. Why? Doing that will make your content look engaging and comprehensive.

8-How-to Article

How-to articles talk about a process that needs to be done step by step. When you take on a how-to article ensure to give instructions simply. These articles are all about visuals, tricks, and tips to help the searchers learn and follow the procedure. Get in touch with us for high-quality article writing for publications.

9-Review Article

A review article is something when you critique a book, movie, service, or place. While writing this, you want to speak your heart out like how you felt it. You offer a projection of that particular item regarding its positives and downsides.

By informing readers about a product or service, you're assisting them in exploring additional options if they find your review appealing, and sometimes even encouraging them to make a purchase based on your recommendation. If you are looking for quality article writing services we are the best option.

10-Research Article

Research articles represent an idea of the outcomes of a certain experiment or study. Things to follow while writing a research article; 

  • Detailed introduction
  • Structured format
  • Methodology
  • Results 
  • Conclusion

High-quality article writing for publications give a contribution to the scientific and academic discourse in a specific field. 

The bottom line

As you've reached the bottom of this page, we trust that we've directed you along the right path. Now equipped with knowledge about various types of articles, you can confidently choose the most suitable one for your specific needs. However, in our humble view, relying on expert assistance can expedite your journey to your desired destination. At Scribble Masters LLP, we offer accessible solutions for all your writing service needs.